Change makers.

B2B Product Strategy

Build the right products to drive real revenue.

Work with award-winning product management experts to develop the data-driven products that customers need and sellers can monetize.

market & Customer Research

Maximize your value with custom industry intelligence.

Understanding the industry landscape as well as buyer needs (and gaps) empowers smarter product decisions. Not only do we deliver a foundational understanding of external market dynamics unique to your product, but we turn it into actionable strategies for your product, marketing and sales teams.

90 Days to Insights

Your biggest questions answered by our research.

“The Blinc team acted as our in-house Product Management team & integrated seamlessly. They worked cross-functionally with sales, marketing, tech and leadership on a day-to-day basis. Blinc was an invaluable resource to help us evolve, advance our platform and introduce critical new products.”

Tony Koenigsknecht
COO, Co-Founder

B2B Product Management

Fast-moving brands hire experienced, on-demand product managers.

Think of product managers as mini-CEOs. They are responsible for driving forward the success of a product while thinking of every key factor from development to pricing to marketing. No wonder it’s hard to hire good product managers, and even harder to keep amazing ones!

Let Blinc be your on-demand product management partner. Like other Blinc clients, you too can experience 7-figure revenue growth within the year. Here’s how we can positively impact your organization.



Use our proven approach. We deliver:
  • Product Management Tool Suite
  • Templates for Product, Marketing & Sales
  • Product Launch Checklist & Tracker



Build the right thing. We execute:
  • Product Ideation & Prioritization
  • Product Roadmap & Requirements
  • Win-Loss Analysis



Put the best talent in place. We offer:
  • Product Management as a Service
  • Coaching and Mentoring for PM Teams
  • PM Talent Acquisition & Hiring Support

Product Development

Don’t just dream it. Build it.

We’re not the typical consulting firm that shows up for a few meetings and leaves you with a list of ideas you simply don’t have the time or resources to execute.

We’re different. We’re makers. Whether you need more hands on deck – or someone to steer the product ship – we have the skills and development resources to create real products.

Savvy organizations tap us to deliver on:

“There is so much detail to think about when starting to develop a product. It’s easy to get lost in the details and focus on the wrong things. With Blinc’s guidance, we were able to zero in on what we wanted our product to be and how we wanted to be perceived in the market.”

Lindsey Kaiser
Chief Product Officer

Partner Enablement

Extend your sales power and revenue opportunity.

Nearly every adtech, martech, media and data organization relies on partnerships to enhance their product offering and ensure data connectivity. However, to make successful partnerships a win-win, ongoing support and resources are necessary.
By executing sustainable tactics like PR, co-branded marketing materials and training, we’ve successfully grown partnership engagements. If you’re already under pressure from day-to-day commitments, Blinc could be the exact resource you need to make your strategic partnerships worthwhile.

Awesome Start Here

Break away from the status quo.

And let’s build something innovative. Share your product goals with us in a free 30-minute consultation to learn how we can help you devise a bullet-proof product plan to drive meaningful growth.