Our new Advanced TV learning series is LIVE! Join us.

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As as self-professed marketing and data geek, I think it is one heck of a time to be a part of the advertising world!  Not only are we responsible for navigating and pioneering new digital strategies, but we’re also in the midst of a $72 billion revolution. I’m talking about TV advertising. Not much has changed over the past 70 years in terms of how TV advertising is being planned, bought, sold and measured. But that story is finally changing – slowly but surely. The combination of technology, data and automation is making it possible for marketers to reach consumers wherever they may be – whether they are binge watching a show on Hulu, sitting down for the nightly news, or catching an MLB game on their phone. By leveraging Advanced TV tactics, marketers can truly live out the dream of ‘people-based’ TV advertising. 

As Jim Nail from Forrester recently put it so perfectly, “The inflection point for Addressable and Advanced TV is here now. Really.”

At Blinc, we are passionate about training and education. We’re also one of a handful of consultants nationwide who have expertise in the Advanced TV advertising ecosystem. When you pair those two things together – passion and expertise – you’ve got a recipe for something pretty fun and valuable.  That’s where our new Advanced TV education series comes in! 

Our brand new five-part series includes snack-size videos that dive into the topic of Advanced TV. The best part of all, it’s buzzword free! We give you the real talk, unpack key terms and concepts, share real life advertiser examples and hopefully inspire you to take action on your TV journey.

Advanced TV Demystified: A Five Part Education Series

Sign up here or text “TV” to 345345 to join.

Over five weeks, not only will we  demystify what ‘”Advanced TV” even means, but we’ll cover each core component of the ecosystem from Addressable TV and Data-Driven Linear to Over-the-Top and Connected TV capabilities. 

Right now, we’re only providing access to this content to our friends and clients who have subscribed to our email list. If you’d like to join, simply subscribe to the list here or text “TV” to 345345.

We can’t wait for you to join us for this awesome opportunity to learn more about one of the most important shifts taking place in the data-driven marketing space.


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