Marketers are already abusing the term “AI”.

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Hello to all you smart, savvy marketers looking for a way to help your business grow and your clients stand out…

I know your heart is in the right place. You are excited about the future of marketing, and especially how “Artificial Intelligence” will play a role in (hopefully) making our jobs easier and more effective.

But please, please, please – I beg of you – use the term “AI” with care. I’ve spent years demystifying marketing and ad tech concepts like “programmatic”. And not because they are overly complex, but because the terms have been misused and mislabeled by often well-intentioned marketer. After over a hundred hours of research, I see the concept of “AI in marketing” on a similar trajectory aimed straight at confusion.

Making sure that we – as marketers – don’t dilute the power of the term AI or confuse our target audience is really quite simple; just know the facts.

Check out my recent article on MarTechExec where I break down some of the fundamental building blocks of defining Artificial Intelligence versus simply smart algorithms for example.

I promise you, if we all stick to a common understanding and definition, we’ll craft marketing messages that are anything but vanilla.

Brie Pinnow – A marketer who loves clarity!

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